Melissa Louise the Emo Seal (goldrimisnanswr) wrote in lower_gauge,
Melissa Louise the Emo Seal

2g, 4g, 6g, 12g, 14g, 18g - ISO 0g/12g/18g

If you don't like any of my prices, just let me know - I'm broke and willing to negotiate =) Add $2 for shipping in the U.S., $3 international. Everything will be cleaned before being sent out. Paypal preferred, but we can try to work something out if you don't have it. 

ISO/willing to trade for:
0g taper/plugs/spirals - no acrylic
18g nostril screws in right and left bends
12g stuff for my second lobe piercings
2g stuff - I'll probably be at this size for a bit longer, so I'd be willing to see what you have
14g - interesting lip/septum jewelry or externally threaded balls (3mm, 4mm)

SF black with white lightning bolt acrylic plugs w/ o-ring grooves: 5/16" wearable - $3

NF red acrylic plugs w/ o-ring grooves: 5/16" wearable - $3
NF green acrylic plugs w/ o-ring grooves: 5/16" wearable - $3
DF green silicone plugs (worn once): 5/16" wearable - $4
NF steel plugs: 1/2" - $3
Steel spike-end CBBs: 1/2" - $7
Clear acrylic spirals: 1" diameter, 3/16" wearable - $5
Black acrylic talons: 1" - $4
DF steel star-cut plugs: 1/4 wearable - $4
SF blue gem steel plugs w/ o-ring grooves: 5/16" wearable - $4
DF deep orange plugs (not sure of the material, either glass or stone): 5/16" wearable - $4
Pink glass twists (one point chipped but doesn't effect wear, bought as 4g but one is closer to 6g) - $3

DF Opalite plugs: flares are approx. 4g, 1/4" wearable, 7/16" overall (worn once) - $6

Steel barbells (never worn): Four 5/8", two 9/16" (one with balls) - $1 each or $3 for all

Steel twist: 7/16" - $2
Steel labrets: 1/4" and 3/8" - $1 each
6mm purple externally threaded balls - .50

Steel segment rings (never worn, still in bag): 3/8" - $4

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